Woman Re-Membering
Reclaiming Female Power Through Reconnection with the Women's Mysteries

A woman claiming her power
is a lush, Wild Garden.
Hello and Welcome to Woman Re-Membering, a site dedicated to reintegrating female wisdom into daily living…a site dedicated to nurturing female power and genius.

What does it mean to integrate female wisdom into daily living?
What is female power and genius?

Asking these questions is vitally important because female power and genius have largely become ambiguous concepts; generalized and romanticized terminology that does not help us discern, know and build relationship with the very tangible and elemental aspects of our female power and genius that would allow us to integrate female wisdom into daily living.

In order to nurture the power and potentialities of our femaleness, Woman Re-Membering is deeply involved in the Women’s Mysteries. Today, these Mysteries would be termed Women’s Empowerment, Women’s Psychology, Women’s Spirituality or Self-Development. This exciting, enlivening territory is comprised of various elements that help us grow in understanding of our female potential so that we may Be-Come the woman we are meant to Be.

The Women’s Mysteries helps us to:
  • Discover our Biological Power and Potential, For Real, in our body, not just conceptually
  • Grasp the energy of our female cycles that will allow us to know our Integrity of Being
  • Gain awareness of Lunar & Seasonal Wisdom that is the basis of our own natural instinct and health
  • Unearth our Deep Female Ecology that can help us liberate dormant gifts and natural genius
  • Develop the vital relationship between our power and vulnerability
  • Realize the sacredness of our Sexuality so we may cultivate our Female Sexual Intelligence
    There are many thoughts, models, ideas, prescriptions, dogmas, mythos, and fantasies around female sexuality; rarely do these directly relate to woman’s true potential and Sexual Mystery that is elemental in Origin.
  • Understand the merits of Self-Confrontation, boundary and limitation in order to actualize our power and potency
  • Claim our ‘Woman Right’ rather than ‘Equal Rights’
  • Embrace the legitimate path of Self-Initiation, guided by the Deep Forces of our Nature