Lizbeth Clay
Hello, my name is Lizbeth Clay and I am a transformational artist whose work is passionately centered in the Women’s Mysteries. A large part of my Calling and Creative Impulse is to educate and increase awareness of our female potential so as to help sweeten, pollinate and gear in a New Direction…to be involved in movement that strengthens our female principle and worth. This increases our sense of safety, dignity and creative option within our lives.

All levels of my art are intent to dispel the myths that negatively inhibit and diminish our awareness as women, for many elements of our conditioning put us at odds with our truer Nature—diminishing and severing our relationship with the Natural World and our own natural, elemental Self. This creates far-reaching ramifications. Here, it behooves us to gain awareness of the physiological and immunologic challenge that our conditioning administers within the formative levels of our be-ing. Through the effects of our domestication within a patriarchal social system we, as women, are restrained in our normal functioning and participation. This impacts our immune system, energetic vitality and capacity to Re-member and Realize.

The patriarchal, industrialized social system we are immersed within is largely a power conglomerate that has come to thrive on decline, degeneration, disease, unconscious consumerism, sexploitation, war and fear. Many levels of this system exhibit an addiction to morbidity. For generations, this social force has asserted its influence within the primal elemental, symbolic layers of our individual and collective psyche, impacting us at deep levels. This plays out in our bodies and life in myriad ways.

It is my creative intent to help women recognize and move beyond these impoverishing elements so as to embark on a journey that will empower us to the radical repossessing of our female force and intelligence. In this movement, we will discover and retrieve the sacred, vulnerable and potent dimensions of our femaleness and discover our true wealth of Be-ing!

I am not a therapist and have had no formal training as such. The authority I claim comes through my own life experience and the inner knowing that has been cultivated through this experience that spans 20 years. I work with women in many ways—creative writing and art making, dream work and meditation, authentic movement and improvisational process, as well as sexual education. I feel a deep commitment to facilitate sane and sacred living, and am dedicated to reintegrating female wisdom into daily living. I delight in helping women discover the fuller spectrum of their female power that, at this time, may be largely unknown due to social influence and domestication. Through deepening contact with the elemental Realms of Nature and the elemental intelligence of our female Depths, I support women in cultivating the vital forces of their constitution that synergize female instinct and knowing.